Friday, September 01, 2006

three days

by the danish parliament in Copenhagen

lamps and trees

and a king

archives by the barrow load - all wrong

an end paper from about 1900

finished for that day

2cv or bike?

bus 15 double decker

and a seat at the front

two cyclists were waitng to turn left at Nyhavn

the circus is in town
Cirkus Dannebrog - Danmarks Nationalcirkus

see the magpie bathing by my door

and splashing

rain made Brumleby greener

my tiny garden this morning

with light reflected from the window

and new bamboo from Charlottenlund

paveur brolægger is repairing the damage done by the painters
paveur - Google Image Search

nice idea - bottle post by balloons - too bad about the missing message

after another day at the archives and home by water bus 901

I collect textures

by Nyhavn warehouses became a hotel

Jubii the danish Yahoo has an office here
Jubii Danmarks mest benyttede søgemaskine til danske ressourcer.

ship not a boat
Georg Stage schoolship

all very clean

Georg Stage - Google Image Search

and a couple of traineesfinished with that trip

Churchill is not forgotten


bench behind the museum of the resistance and the cafe

fat ladies looking after the wounded woman
Bernard Reder 1897-1963 "bernard reder" - Google Image Search
from Rumania he studied for three years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The next seven years he made a living carving cemetery monuments and creating his stone sculptures on the side in his hometown of Czernowitz. In 1930 he moved to Prague because of anti-Semitic demonstrations. In 1935 Reder had his first solo exhibition at the gallery of Manes, an association of artists in Prague. Two years later he moved to France and lived near the sculptor Maillol who befriended him. He exhibited at the Wildenstein Gallery in Paris in 1940 but had to flee Paris; all the works in his studio were later destroyed by the Germans.

He traveled to Spain and then Havana, Cuba in 1941. Reder worked on woodcuts and drawings at this time. He arrived in New York in 1943, acquired a Guggenheim fellowship, was shown regularly at the Whitney Museum and was shown at the Philadelphia Museum in 1949.

Reder's bronze works have included musical subjects, and biblical and religious figures based on Jewish traditions. In 1960 Reder received a Ford Foundation grant and in 1962 was awarded membership in the Academy of Arts and Letters. In 1961 he was given a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum and for the first time in its history the museum devoted three of its floors to a single artist. Reder's works are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Jewish Museum in New York City; the National Gallery, Washington, D.C. and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

the ducks will eat from your hand

very tame ducks here and in Tivoli too

in british army battle dress

and into Kastellet the Copenhagen Citadel

the gate is from 1663
I located Det Kongelige Garnisonsbibliotek
- i daglig tale KGB - er et hærspecifikt forskningsbibliotek

åbningstider: Mandag og onsdag: Kl. 13.00 - 18.00
Tirsdag og torsdag: Kl. 13.00 - 16.00

and my phone camera was out of memory

see also
SNAPS 3 posting directly from my Sony Ericsson mobile telephone 0045 31241936
SNAPS TWO. using my Sony HandiCam with the Zeiss 40x digital zoom lens .


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