Sunday, August 20, 2006

rainy weather in Denmark

I took this picture on the fourteenth of August to show how green everything has become after three days of incessant rain in Copenhagen, just like the Emerald Isle - Ireland - or west Wales, where it usually rains a lot too, as the water laden winds from the Atlantic ocean rise over the higher ground and cool below the dewpoint.

brumleby rosesoutside my kitchen door

Part of my photo blooging style is to start with a locational image to show what the weather is like - often a bus stop in England or these gardens in Denmark

and its image url seems to have reached a limit

The image name DSC00001 is the first picture of a Sony digital photo session has been used 99 times as the result of garbage caused by failed uploads and it looks like 100 or 101 etc to 999 are not envisaged by the google engineers connected with the set up of the server photos1
which means I have spent several hours this sunday morning editing older blogs as a clean up.

I was intrigued by my own intuitive chice of words, so I made this
incessant rain - Google Search
to see if the spelling was correct, and the phrase seems to be most popular in indian english newspapers - monsoon time?

Now I have to rename all similar images for newer blogs and re-upload to repair the confusion


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