Wednesday, September 06, 2006

more experiments

In the morning I went to Rigsarkivet the Danish National Archives

the lighting set up
and the file about a divorce in 1903 to 1908 which I had ordered last week was ready for me.

I used the Sony Ericxsson K800i instead of my notebook
below a small selectition of the documents

a true copy of a report of a meeting in the Overpræsidium sent to Justitsministriet
There is more in Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster og Bornholm
both a register and a file which had the number of this Justice Ministry file.

Anna Gottlieb's first plea seeking a divorce

She is the mother of the film star Karl Dane
his older brother was 18 and she got custody of her younger son

the signature of Anna Gottlieb

with the camera in closer the colour is closer to the original

the whole of her husband's statement

in which he writes of his problems with alcohol and the misuse of money.

and the signature of Rasmus Marius Gottlieb

the parish priest states he had counselled the pair

as obliged by law

then I went home and slept and awoke in time to watch TV
Cycling - Eurosport
Torrelavega (Velódromo Oscar Freire) - Burgos, 173,6 Kms.

Web Oficial de la Vuelta a España 2006 - Official Web Site Vuelta a España 2006

much later in the evening back at Brumleby I decided to experiment with and without the built in flash

with gamma correction made in Mac OS Preview 3.0.7 and taken by very weak light overspill from Parken the danish national football stadium

the snake using the cell phone camera inbuilt flash on automatic

ambient light only

the test roses with flash and very slight gamma adjustment

the marrow is growing well
it was too dark to see the composition of the picture, but the camera illuminates closer objects with a weak red light before taking the snap shot


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