Saturday, September 09, 2006

this evening in Sweden

I took the train to Helsingør, Hamlet's Elsinore
and a ferry to Helsinborg

climbed up to the old castle tower

and down a lot of steps (ow my knee)
a beer and a pear cider later
took the ferry back to Denmark, train and 1a bus home again to Brumleby, Copenhagen.

this is place holder blog in random order 10 of the nearly 100 snaps that I took - see
SNAPS TWO for the sunset

arrival hall in Sweden

in the bar afterwards
the old castel tower at top of the hill

customs had gone home

pear cidee perry and two kinds of swedish lager by Spendrup brewery

leaving Denmark

view looking north west from the top
also in my videophone blog SNAPS 3

and sailing by Hamlet's castle

on board

swedish birthday cakes for kids


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