Saturday, March 03, 2007

I went back today to LIDL

I breakfasted in my kitchen to the sound of roller skates on the empty car park

the next lot of children took their socks off and paddled in the big puddle

on the way to the 97 bus

the brown birch is not in bud yet
Lake LIDL was back on the car park

the Roman Catholic church
Our Lady Help Of Christians, 57 East Meadway, - Google Search

I saw this yesterday up to 180 kg

and I am over 160 kg of my old LIDL balance ( all made in China)
I went back today and put the round one in my trolley, which is english english for shopping cart

not much sugar left 24 hours later
see milk below

I strolled by these shops on the way to the 97 bus

wobbly letters may mean wobbly haircuts and trims?

a bath and garden rubbish burners
local hand work in iron and dipped in hot zinc for about 170 years
hot dip galvanizing process history - Google Search

I went inside the ironmngers and ahad a chat - and they still sell nails by weight
if you ask for 1 lb you get 454 grams under the new rules

the ironmongers with no name in the centre of the parade of shops, East Meadway, Kitts Green, Birmingham , B33 0AP

East Meadway, Kitts Green, Birmingham , B33 0AP - Google Search

I love the way this scratched plastic takes the light

oops "It just went off in my hand Sir !"


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