Monday, February 13, 2006

at the custard factory

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The Custard Factory or Custard Factory

opened in summer 2002
"custard factory" - Google Search has lots more related sites

Birmingham's revolutionary new arts and media quarter, is a slice of the ideal city

Well met at Framers Lucy Mclauchlan

below top left two Lucy McLaughlin originals - and right two digital prints


"Lucy Mclauchlan" - Google Search

Beat13 - Home

It all began with drawing.

Musical instruments next.
Then came the computers. was created in Birmingham, UK, 1999.

Making friends, music, and things happen are our favourite hobbies. - Google Image Search

The Artists
Matt Watkins
Lucy Mclauchlan
Al Murphy
Tim Watkins - zombieflesheatingbeat13er
Satori- dj/producer
Guy Carlos- DJ/Producer
Glenn Anderson
Jamie- cartoonist extraordinaire

clusta_construction made Framers website
Clusta Ltd. are currently re-designing their website.

While the site is evolving please use the visual links to see a selection of works including our new showreel
.31-41 Bromley St Birmingham Tel:+44 (0) 121 604 0004

Zombie Flesh Eaters


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