Sunday, February 05, 2006

nearly ready

this grey weather persists

these Lundia shelves were got by me in about 1953 as seen in the Design Centre 28 Haymarket London
- in 1987

but they are too tall here and must be cut down

'Lundia' wooden shelving systems by Remploy

50 years ago we sharpened saws
now use and throw away when blunted.

and get new from B & Q

these fine chairs of leather on chrome plated steel frames are called director's side chairs
and would be used for meetings in a company director's personal office

the object of this exercise

more floor space

my tool box and the only newly invented woodworking tool in the last 2ooo years

the surform which is a a rasp-like tool which works like a cheese grater.

and the off-cuts

I have moved my dictionaries here

and my beautifully bound copy of
Dagligt Liv i Norden: i det sekstende AarhundredeFjerde og Illustreret Udgave Gyldendalske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag København, Kristiania 1914DAILY LIFE IN THE NORTH gives a good idea of Nordic life and customs from the Vikings to the coming of steam power. 14 Volumes

and the off-cuts ended in the scrap box,

which is a key feature of any workshop, and from which you get wood for small jobs or toy making.


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