Thursday, February 09, 2006

manja was cold and tired

Manja was cold and tired and after shopping at the open air market, we had two and a half hours to spend window shopping until her off peak West Midlands Centro bus pass was valid

from where we sat the late afternoon light was on Selfridges on the third floor of the Birmingham Bullring shopping mall.

the new east Birmingham is growing visibly

I love this suspended glass roof

then down and out over the old bridge to the Pallisades shopping mall

looking north with the BLING of the shiny metal of New Street Odeon sign

over an hour later the suspended glass roof has become a smoky mirror, with the angled reflections suggesting a science fiction city of the clouds

after window shopping in Selfridges,

we decided to explore the bent bridge to the car park by Moor Street station

most of the old GWR bridges survive below to the east

looking west and a a double decker bus looks tiny

longer west I could spot the half ellipse of the gable windows of the Rag Market

the lizard skinned Selfridges took the mixed light from street and floods

looking back eastwards at the bridge from the open top deck of the car park

Manja Kristoffersen, photographer at work.

Manja is really freezing cold but moving on to snap one more Sony phonecam picture

colour faked up with gamma correction in Irfanview

and back to the lifts and down to the 97 bus


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