Sunday, September 10, 2006


I enjoyed this so much that as well as posting on SNAPS 3
I exceptionally post this snapshot here too

big sunflowers are better than the short stemmed commercial varities

Dahlias remind me of my maternal grandfather Alfed Thomas LAPHAM, who used to grow them at Grey West, Marsh Common, Pilning, Gloucestersgire
and sell them to passing motorists from a bucket by his garden gate

I can imagine a face

pavement gardening

what can be done with plant containers

modem as rubbish now Brumleby has broadband

an antiquated electrical distribution system in Hvidovre

War Memorial in Hvidovre

a test of the phone camers for photographing memorial inscriptions but a grey day maybe helped

young guests now we are six

the child's own garden from which I am eationg fresh carrots

plums were falling off the tree so I am gorging myself on them

two girls crteated this but her mother was very cross

If things go according to plan I will be back in UK by Wednesday afternoon

check my videophone blog for the latest news
if this blog seems dead

I have to spell the text letter by letter because I am not an SMS user so SNAPS 3 is terse
I usually limit myself to one picture each day and the blog is set to show 3 posts so it is adapted to a mobile phone's browser

I have changed my ISP again and it may take a couple of days to get the new connection working
all my email has a web mail facility so I can use any old computer at a libray or web cafe to answer my correspondents


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