Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Walking 6 kilometer = 3 3/4 miles

I have been neglecting this blog
for several reasons, mostly because it has been slow and unreliable to upload my pictures.

Today it went much better
so this is the walk - yesterday I set out at 3:00pm from Brumleby along Østerbrogade outwards from Copenhagen, and close to Jagtvej I took my first rest.

Som old lady probably feeds the pigeons which made these benches unusable - what goes in comes out the other end, dogs and people too.

To the left is an antique telephone box, architect designed from about 1900 and recently restored.

You used to go in to be manually connected on a jack plug switchboard.

In the distance is Zion's church,
and what delays this kind of post is I have to publish now in order to see the layout so far
Each picture has 3 lines of html and 13 empty lines
but neither the preview nor the composer view is precise enough to judge the effect in the browser (I use MS IE 6 for this kind of stuff).

The little house in the centre fascinates me becasue it has a little caboose, or four sided glass tower, in the roof and I can just imagine some old salt, now ashore - a landkrab as the danish say - sitting there with his telescope watching the ships in the Sound.

Svanmølle station is to the right but under rebuilding hidden behind scaffolding so not worth a snap.

On the bridge looking north, oops finger trouble !
I see the freight line to the left is completely rusty showing that no harbour traffic comes this way for many months.

Leaving Copenhagen I follow the railway along Ryvangs Allé from here to my friend's home in Charlottenlund,

A plain grey box got decorateded, in Copenhagen it would be covered with fly posting.

At Hellerup station two policemen were on terrorist watch, I was not really able to hold a conversation with them, they seem to have a mental wall against the public especially if you are a foriegner.

Siting on a low wall for a rest
Cote d'Ivoire
the garden of the Ivory Coast embassy with a limp flag

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The bench is wooden and has sunk into the ground
In Gentofte Kommune the pavements are uneven and badly maintained - this corner excepted
Fortovsrenovering på Tranegårdsvej


store skrald
big rubbish day - good for finding useful stuff free.

Later I found quite an archive from 1929 and a snapshot album of a tennis player Neils Kørner playing doubles in Berlin in he 1930ies amongst other - to be given to the local archive.

The walk took 2 hours, with at least 20 minutes more spent looking through some old books and mss, which I saved from being thrown out.

40 years ago I should have taken less than an hour without needing to stop for a breather several times.