Monday, February 27, 2006

CHARLOTTE HANMANN - danish artist


mother Inger Hanmann

Hanmann, Inger Frimann,
*1918, maler og emaljekunstner. *7.11.1918 i Stege.
daughter of Veterinary Surgeon Niels Christoffer Frimann Clausen and Dagmar Madsen. maternal grandparents

married in 9.9.1947 in Copenhagen the painter

Poul Frederik Hanmann, father
*20.9.1915 smst., †18.7.1981 smst.,
son of master painter Johan Hanmann and Antonie Christensen.
paternal grandparents
Dansk Kvindebiografisk Leksikon - Inger Hanmann
children Marianne Hanmann (1938), Charlotte Hanmann (1950).

Inger Hanmann's work is distinquished by it's decoration.
Her pieces use enamel on silver with the enamel in bold swirling colors in an abstract style. She is a painter, sculptor and ceramist and one of the foremost enamelists in Scandinavia.

Her early eduction was in applied art at the Tegne-og Kunstindustriskolen for Kvinder (Drawing and Applied-Art School for Women) and in fine art at the P. Rostrup Boyesens Malerskole (P. Rostrup Boyesen's Artists' School).
Her interest in enameling began during a trip to italy where she saw beautiful 15th Century pieces. Her enamel works were first produced commercially by A. Michelsen in the 1950s. Her work for Georg Jensen began around 1980, following Jensen's acquisition of A. Michelsen.

These days, Hanmann lives in Frederiksberg, Denmark and spends her time painting.

David A. Taylor & Jason W. Laskey, 2003

Cité internationale des arts / Charlotte Hanmann

Charlottes grafiske værker

photographer sister Marianne Grøndahl born 1938

two nephews and a niece:-

Grøndahl, Jens Christian author
Jens Christian Grøndahl born 1959 in Lyngby and was trained as a film director, and is
one of the most celebrated and widely read writers in Denmark today. His literary work includes twelve novels, essays and several plays. Silence in October, published in 2002, is being translated into sixteen languages
Guardian Unlimited Books Review Waves of modernity
Back in Copenhagen, at Kierkegaard's graveside in the Assistens churchyard with Jens Christian Grøndahl, author of the excellent Silence in October
Novels tranlated into english:-
Silence in October (2000)Lucca (2002)Virginia (2003)An Altered Light (2005)


Produktionskoordinator Pernille Grøndahl Hoppe
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Sunday, February 26, 2006

saturday afternoon shopping therapy

even the Peoples Express had to wait for a two mile traffic queue
the blues - Birmingham City football club was playing at Home

and the result was Birmingham 1 - 0 Sunderland

the market was wonderfully busy

click for full size
great cheese, farm fresh eggs and frozen fish too

7 oranges for £1 yes one

this stall holder has sold out and gone home

3:30 pm is a good time to shop for bargains

cyclists !

a rare sight in Birmingham

in the middle of the road looking back at the markets

the remains of a nineteen fifties theme pub
the Royal George
the squares were gun ports in a concrete hull

where I wait for the 97 bus back to Fordbridge and Chelmsley Wood and found two soup bowls (see below) After getting home I went out again to LIDL for ryebread.

think about these notices - and smile

Radio Times for the week 95 p

this plastic bag with four soup bowls was abandoned at the bus stop
two were broken
but two were OK freebie :-)

from LIDL £22 including the Speyside straight malt whisky for £12.50,
and two kinds of frozen fish

but from the Birmingham markets:-

four big pieces of chicken £2

3 kinds of cheese £2

bonfire smoked
grated cheddar

all this for £5 50p

one piece of chicken (the other three frozen down)

two onions

3 carrots

added to the stock pot (pressure cooker)

really tender and tasty when eaten on Sunday

Friday, February 24, 2006

grey days

This morning we had a powdering of snow in Chelsmley Wood

the south of England has had two dry winters and is beginning to run out of water already for the coming summer.

weight wise I am having a blip
not enough exercise and going up and down around the 160 kg

I have been busy with an hour and a half on line at Solihull Central Library with see Ancestry Library Edition
which ProQuest has partnered with to create Ancestry Library Edition, one of the most important genealogical collections available today with unparalleled coverage of the United States and the United Kingdom and now Canada too. Its valuable content is a strong complement to HeritageQuest Online
distributed by ProQuest Information and Learning I used a draft email in google mail to take notes of LAPHAM in Canada

With two buses each way I got home quite exhausted and so am making slow progress with updating my master database for the LAPHAM one-name study

I in particularly am beginning to work with

You are here: Search > All Genealogy Databases L

Laphams in America : thirteen thousand descendents including descendents of John from Devonshire, England, to Providence, R.I.,

by Aldridge, Bertha Bortle Beal,.

published Victor, N.Y.?. unknown. 1953?.

in the library edition this link was broken so I had to go in as above
iexec/?htx=BookList&dbid=19594 is the reference number of the base

and change from dot com to the above

meanwhile my unquiet left leg wakes me up at about 2:30 am when I am alcohol free

which is why I am on line now

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Digital postcards from a mobile phone

BBC NEWS Technology
"I wanted to be able to send friends and family a series of 'digital postcards' in near time - accounts of our holiday that people were able to read while we were still away, rather than a week after our return as is often the case with the traditional postcard . . . . .."

I have not got this - USA only I think

What Services Does Blogger Mobile Support?

The initial launch of Blogger Mobile will work with your phone if you are a US customer of Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, or T-Mobile.

We will be expanding that list so if your provider is not on there yet, check back with us here.

blog windows

Through the window

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

argos and lidl

quick service on a Monday afternoon at ARGOS Chelmsley Wood
they instantly exchanged my old coffee machine with the cracked glassware for new

after the storm awaiting the bus back to Merton House

click to see the yellow Wirtgen 2100

home again to empty my trolley

that morning when I had my breakfast on the balcony I saw the flash of yellow as it got to work

when I got off the bus at LIDL
now I can't decide which picture I like best

home at last

with booty from LIDL
clothes rail
(assembled finally after a couple of weeks)

toolbox number 2
a mitre saw for making picture framse
diamond dust faced plate as a sharpening stone

I must remember not to shop on mondays :-)

coffee at last from the new machine

thanks to ARGOS

and time to get on line after a computer free MONDAY last

Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Independent Photographers

Birmingham Independent Photographers - Birmingham OpenGuide

Monday, February 20, 2006

power plane

it looks like the storm has gone by
from my kitchen window
I decided to walk to Argos in Chelmsley Wood

baby food at the pharmacy where I dropped off my repeat subscription.

the rubbish I saw is blogged click here

sun bleached dolls in the window

waitng to unload their tarmac
MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE !!! some miniature motorway and the Fordbridge Centre :-)

left 1970 rented and right 2006 privatized

POWER PLANE operates a fleet of Wirtgen machines

victorian technolgy still surviving - compressed air driven road drill

The wind was blowing the other way and the rains arrived so I grabbed the next bus

beep beep

I heard this beep beeping beneath my kitchen window

but no the electrician could not reach the light on the corner of Merton House

so down and start over

drive out and in again the other way round

round we go !

two men and a van with a cherry picker to change one light bulb

lidl was closed

On Sunday evening Lidl was closed and so I settled for some cider from a convenience store near by

A bit like a Seven-Eleven without the fast food counter - Results List: