Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vej/husnr.: = street house / number
put in
Brumleby 90
the blue spot shows where I amsitting RIGHT now
map of Denmark

or this ?


HUR Trafikinfo

HUR Trafikinfo
you can see on the maps (click on KORT = chart(s) or card(s))
where I was yesterday

the big trafikkort = route maps
PDF documents best with a fast connection and Acrobat Reader 7.0

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

home by bus

and I came out of the cabbage king's doorway to the bus stop opposite

Note the fine lettering beginning SUPER . . .

and the french bus stop with the city's arms of three towers - now a logo.

I snapped this bus and jumped on board

room for two big prams

But it was the wrong route OOPS !

ending up here

where Tuborgvej meets Tagensvej

all the blue paint is to help cyclists survive

the intersection.

Here the cycle path is broader than the pavement.

low sun means it is wise to drive with dipped headlights on at all times - now required by law.

the bus driver at work

Hellerip s-tog station has a new bus terminal

when you get on you clip and time stamp your ticket klipkort in the yellow box attached to the middle pole.

if you are quick you can use it as a return ticket too.

the bus I just got off.

I wrote.-
and some more nice snaps WAITING to be uploaded

I could put them on another server but it feels better if it was a pure blogger thinng. I WILL REBOOT AND SEE IF THAT HELPS.
not necessary user error - I found a hanging dialog box at the back.

cabbage king

On my diet I am eating a very lean evening meal of chopped up cabbage, with a carrot and one medium onion all steamed with a pint of water for 5 or so minutes in the pressure cooker.

Half a stock cube - I cannot afford meat this week and need to cut down on salt and drink the cabbage water - very tasty.

I do eat one portion of fish a day and skimmed milk ad lib..

I think this guy sells the best cabbages in town, so my private name for him is the cabbage king

The shop is not under railway arches but a spacious concrete post and beam structure

bearing two S-tog tracks and platforms.

In fact this shop is much more of a market with nearly everything you need for good food.

This is the main door.

by train and bus

and a comfy double deck bus number 15 from Trianglen, Østerbro, Copenhagen

Ryparken station at about 18:00
6 00 pm

large comfortable S-tog carriages
older but refitted

I got off at Nørrebro station
and the shadows are getting longer

this is called the højbane
the high railway
at about third floor height

The fruit and vegetable shop I am going to is under my feet.

I love this train shed
like a toy from the 1930ies
but wooden scandinavian style
when in england it would be of iron
The limitation of the camera is all too clear
I could see more detail in the shadow peeking down at the street
before taking the lift.

the upload photo button seemed to be broken
or is there a quota for space?
mysterious? in the BAY ?

and the answer was user error
the posting window was at the back - argh!!!

my excellent doctor

You can see who lives on what floor
and danes all put their name on their letter box, or front door

my own reflection.

thank goodness a nice elegant lift, elevator

inspected and certified about every three years.

the third, fourth and fifth floors are private residents.

Two doctors share the second floor.

An attractive modern staircase,
which a young man ran down quicker than the lift bearing me down.

a year or so before I run down, let alone up these stairs again.

My doctor's secretary is a fully qualifed nurse and does the usual tests and so on.

I give her my medical card which she wipes through her card reader.

Hint to Tony Blair not id-cards but medical cards is what we need in UK, and the same database listing names and addresses for medical insurance, taxation and voting rights AND EVEN AS A LIBRARY TICKET.
SEE CPR number

I only went by to get weighed
177 kg 800 grams
up about 1 lb

Kristin Øhrn (kvinde)
(born in Norway ) 1956
Østerbrogade 45,
2. tv
2100 København Ø
Telefon 35 26 50 00
Tidsbestilling kl. 8-13, (phone to book appointments
onsdag dog 16-18 open surgery
Sekretær i praksis

Uddanner læger (she trains young doctors for general practice after their hospital studies are completed)

on my way to the doctor

This SIGN is on the gable of blok D at the Østerbrogade 57 entrance to Brumleby

the red lines are blocks - the darker ones represent the gardens.

A - E - J - K

B - F - L - M

C - G - P - O

D - H - P - Q

- - - - - R - S

My own one place study of Brumleby
AKA Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger

This was a bathhouse.

Behind that on the other side of the street are two copper clad spires on the corners of a side street.

Ornamental towers and spires are very much a feature of older Copenhagen buildings, and because, in general, no houses are over five floors, they can be seen from afar with the church towers above the walls like a medieval town.

long stemmed roses

turning right towards my doctor, or Copenhagen centre.
note the street furniture,
the town's standard bench with cast iron ends and wooden seat and a new design of litter bin with a hinged lid.
(used by fly-posters here)

The combination of concrete slabs and cobble stone lines (strictly speaking granite setts) means that when a cable is to be laid or renewed the pavement is merely lifted and afterwards relaid on new sea sand by the paviours or brolægger.

A traffic warden in summer uniform.

Notice the broad cycle path to his right, he is in fact close to the edge of the pavement.

The doorway to the apartement block where my doctor has a surgery on the second floor.

I am reflected in the left hand glass panel

outside my door

This is at the corner of the gable of block F in Brumlæby

The last of the wild roses - now they make rosehips.

These were planted for good luck outside viking homes - and the juiced berries are a good source of vitamin C. Name?
Hyld, elderberry, Sambucus nigra.
and thanks to Hedvig
see Paghat's Garden: Black Elderberry Myths

My neighbours children may play freely in front of the old wash house for block G, no more coppers, but now home to modern washing machines and tumbler driers - and some parked bicycles.

These dogs are sensible sitting in the shade

A great drying day and a neighbour sitting out and enjoying the sunshine - with enough breeze to keep cool.

This rose needs dead-heading.

I learned to break off the fertilised and fading flowers to stop rose hips and seeds forming - thus the rose blooms and buds until frost starts.

I prefer to stay indoors and cool too in this weather.

A1000 from 2004

MOTOCODER� - MOTOCODER Home and download Motorola Desktop Suite
even A1000 Beta SDK

The Symbian SDK and sample code For C++: can be accessed by following this link: Symbian: Developer: home


Motorola Mobile Phones and Phone Accessories and thanks to FERNANDO B AND Panagiotis G AND THE on-line support center
with installing, uninstalling, reinstalling the updated desktop suite for A1000, I have backed up my A925 phone (the CVD softyware never really worked well)

and found these photos and downloaded them
and blogged them here.

The worst problem was finding the paths on the phone,
once on and connecteed by USB
on the phone screen
you have to :-

(1) click top right corner the little box icon
(2) click desk top suite
(3) click Connect
(4) click done

ON the computer
the mRouter icon changes from two dashes to a zig zag

(5) click desktop suite or
(6) click Motorola Desk Top Suite

(7) click file browser

and yes you see an icon Internal Memory

(8) do NOT click from here in but:-

SELECT Internal Memory icon (disk C in the Symbion OS)
then hit RETURN KEY

(9) SELECT documents icon then hit RETURN KEY

(10) SELECT media files icon then hit RETURN KEY

(11) SELECT image icon then hit RETURN KEY

(12) SELECT unfiled icon then hit RETURN KEY

(13) then I drag and dropped the jpg into a dated folder on my desktop and browsed them with IrfanView

then I blogged them here in the usual way PHEW
(took 10 days to get sorted)

and here are the pictures:-

June 19 2005 08:03 am and I am sitting on the bench under the chestnut tree at Østerbrogade at about number 57
looking towards old Copenhagen and the south.

Øster- = eastern - this street started at the old east gate (Østerport or Kastellet) of Copenhagen
-bro- even some danes get this wrong, short for brolægt = cobbled by a brolægger

-gade = street or road
also in York England Butcher Gate
which word is a surival from the danish kingdom of York (JARVIK) and (KNUD) Canute's rule of England and the Danelaw

This street goes south into Store Kongensgade which was cobbled in 1663
1663 fik Oberst Ruse Befaling om at brolægge Store Kongensgade
(Del V, bog I, kap. IV) O. Nielsen: Københavns Historie og Beskrivelse.

looking towards the north
(and NETTO)
June 19 2005 08:03 am from the bench under the chestnut tree at Østerbrogade at Sankt Jakobs church - note the wall of the church yard.

Towards Strandvey the beach-way towards the ferry to Sweden and Norway.

and June 24 2005 15.50
(3 30 pm CET)
visiting Gry for a lunch in honour of Kenneth's birthday, with her mother and her daughter Freja.

I forgot to photograph Kennneth
- maybe cause he looked tired, or I because was very tired.
Out in the mid day sun

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

testing testing

Television Graphics Around the World: "16:9 version of the Philips PM5644 test pattern "

as used by Swedish tv 2 with many octaves of test tones fromm inaudible rumble to dog whistle.

But I would like a frequency list
helps anyone?

Danish cable tv

11 stations
then switching for 11 more

Danmarks Radio
channel 1

public service tv
financed by licence on the BBC model.

not so good of a newspaper and shadow of phone

The Test Card Gallery

the kitchen from where I sit at my 'puter.