Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I had a great walk from Brumleby to Raadhusplads in Copenhagen and along the dam the lakes where all the birds were hanging about waiting to be fed
but there was too much wind chill and it was too murky to attempt any snaps.

Then I took a short cut through the Botanical Gardens coming out at 400 pm just as the gates were being locked

and to Netto Nørreport where 6 empty bottles plus cash gave one new Aalborg Taffel Akvavit - 45%

Danish compassion for the weaker members of society is shown to be alive and well in this graffiti on a manhole cover

at my feet here

boiled sweets Nørregade 24 Sømods Bolcher

old Copenhagen

and the new ---- Sushi

the glass stretched and twisted (like the humbugs )comes from Poland I was told

and more victorian style sweeties at Nørregade 36

Sømods has a WEB-Shop too

CA Reitzel Bookseller and Publisher, Ltd. Nørregade 20, DK-1165 Copenhagen K,

the academic publisher Carl Andreas Reitzel 1789 - 1853 who was important to Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kirkegaard

Wroblewski: Ti aar i C.A.Reitzels Boglade den 4. Oktober 1889.

norreport - Google Search

nørreport - Google Search

Rådhusplads København

this tree of white wrapped twisted wire made me think of a sprig of freesia flowers in bud

I was on my way to Atheneum international boghandel
one of my all time favourite book shops

Nørregade 4-6

and across the Old Square to Strøget

the danes take the heart as a theme for decorations from their royal and national coats of arms

On the top to the right the famous web cam of Politiken is looking down at me

Rådhuspladsen nu

I used to be much too busy in December as a musician with 20 or 30 Yule Concerts and carols, or later as a taxi driver, ever to stand here before in more than 20 years in Denmark

three trees for the three towers of the Copenhagen arms on the Town Hall

waiting for the 5:00 pm bus
gave me time to look at the tree

two nissen in a glass case under the tree

collecting for children of Copenhagen since 1898

the red and white hearts are flat - they should be pockets full of sweets

see papirklippesider

To achieve this long walk without a rest means my health is getting better.

I am sorry that I was too tired to complete this on the day, because there were many failed uploads of pictures by blogger

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Albatros on the hot line

the tent covers part of the future Langeline bridge
which is being painted at Østerport station

I had the crazy idea of photographing the sunset on the fjord at Frederikssund so took the s-tog about an hour before but at Ballerup we were transfered to a bus særkørsel

queue on the corner

this bus took us to all the stations which were closed
because the power lines were brought down by an ultrlight aircraft (not a glider as misreported)

all change at Ølstykke

Not being in a hurry I enjoyed the circuitous route

the view from the footbridge at Ølstykke

by now we are one hour late and the line has reopened

I walked down from Frederikssund station to the East quay
now housing but a couple of railway lines and a few bollards remain of the working harbour

on the way back Xmas JUL is here
all lit up

POL webcam link Rådhuspladsen with no tree yet

but a nice tree here
on the way home from S-tog by bus 1A
Magazine du Nord

these images below are copyright their owners

the pilot walked away from this - slow speed crash - no fire
this type of ultralight costs 100 to 150 thousand danish kroner

26. nov Fly rammer togkabler
Et såkaldt ultralet fly fik ikke luft nok under vingerne og fløj ind i s-togskablerne ved Kildedal Station. Piloten slap dog med skrækken.

Et ultralet fly ramte i formiddag køreledningerne til s-togene ved Måløv nord for København.
Flyet var netop lettet fra den lokale flyveklubs bane ved Kildedal, der ligger lige ved togstrækningen.
Formanden for flyveklubben Albatros,
Freddy Adelvard, oplyser, at vinden fik fat i flyet på en uheldig måde, da det netop var kommet i luften, og derfor ramte flyet køreledningerne.

CPH History : Weather Underground

wind direction

SW then WSWS and then calm then SE

The Danish text tells the reader under which conditions he can get a Danish ultralight flying license and the estimated cost and how beautiful it is flying UL.

We are located about 25 km west of downtown Copenhagen.
We are about 125 members including around 40 UL pilots, 25 passive members and 60 Radio Control (electroflyer) pilots.

On the aerodrome, there are about 10 Ultra Lights parked, including RANS 6, N3-PUP, Challenger, Z-MAX, Allegro 2000, Savannah and Flightstar. The planes are using our 280 meter airstrip 09/27. On the map you can see the exact location. If you are planning on going to Denmark, you are welcome to contact us for any help we can offer you. UL Flyveklubben Albatros

flyveklubben Albatros, - Google Search

Flysikkerhed (FLYSIK):
I think Prince Charles trashed a plane with a down wind landing once too

on the Scottish island of Islay where the Prince crashed his jet. It was hushed up and kept from the tabloids, though. Seems that he was told by the tower to "go around" and make another approach, but made a downwind landing anyway, overshot the runway and put the jet into a peat bog. The impact apparently was enough to tear off the main gear and send the nose wheel up into the cockpit, though all escaped injury. The jet's still there where they are building a hangar around it until it can be repaired

Dobbelt S-togspor til Frederikssund / New rails - preview (32 of 32)

s-tog train on fire

notice how they short out the electricity for safety on Frederikssund Station

(an exercise?)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

grey dawn Hundested Denmark

the end of the line from Hillerød but in the 1930ies the Frederiksværk-banen boat trains used to go to the right onto the quay by the ferry to Grenaa

(Grenaa Hundested Færgefart)

and on to Aarhus and Jutland

RØRVIGFÆRGEN sails betweeen Hundested and Rørvig across the mouth of Roskildefjord

off she goes and an older narrow ferry is moored to the left

one of about ten fishing boats licensed for in-shore net fishing

ten large fishing boats are in another part of the harbour

and the pilot boat awaiting a customer

Hundested train - Google Search

street furniture and a place to sit outside the ferry booking office and terminal

more typical light railway rolling stock crossing the main street after meeting the next ferry

seen from the car park of Super Best Nørregade 11 3390 Hundested

shunting after the rush hour

5 large diesel locomotives for hauling steel plate traffic to and from Frederiksværk

modstandsbevægelsen Frederiksvaerk - Google Search

the picture below is gamma corrected

Hundested - Google Search

hundested - Google Image Search

modstandsbevægelsen hundested - Google Search

Copenhagen, Weather

Copenhagen, Denmark Forecast : Weather Underground

Updated: 4:20 AM CET on November 23, 2005
Observed At: Copenhagen, Denmark
Elevation: 16 ft / 5 m

Windchill: 37 °F / 3 °C
Humidity: 81%
Dew Point: 34 °F / 1 °C
Wind: 4 mph / 6 km/h from the South
Pressure: 30.63 in / 1037 hPa
Visibility: 6.2 miles / 10.0 kilometers
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Mostly Cloudy 2200 ft / 670 m
(Above Ground Level)
Raw METAR Aviation
METAR EKCH 230320Z 17003KT 9999 BKN022 04/01 Q1037 04510159 54510162 12510169 NOSIG
Full Report — METAR FAQ

Trip Planner
Personal Weather Stations

View the weather history for this location.
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History & Almanac
Detailed History and Climate
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Seasonal Weather Averages

November 23, 2005 Rise Solar Noon Set
Actual Time 7:59 AM CET 11:55 AM CET 3:51 PM CET
Civil Twilight 7:16 AM CET 4:34 PM CET
Nautical Twilight 6:30 AM CET 5:20 PM CET
Astronomical Twilight 5:46 AM CET 6:04 PM CET
Altitude -0.8° 14.0° -0.8°
Azimuth 126.6° 180.0° 233.3°
Hour Angle of the Sun 59.0° 58.9° -58.8°
Mean Anomaly of the Sun 319.32° 319.48° 319.64°
Obliquity 23.44° 23.44° 23.44°
Right Ascension of the Sun -121.05° -120.88° -120.70°
Sun Declination -20.38° -20.41° -20.45°
Moon 10:51 PM CET 1:39 PM CET
Length Of Visible Light: 9h 17m
Length of Day 7h 51m
Tomorrow will be 3m 9s shorter.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Danish Emigration Archives

I wanted to go to
Landsarkivet for Sjælland, Lolland-Falster og Bornholm to check an entry in The Danish Emigration Archives

The Danish parliament passed more stringent regulations on May 1, 1868. According to the new law, The Copenhagen Chief of Police was to approve and monitor all emigration agents in Denmark and authorize all overseas tickets made out in Denmark. This was to be done whether an emigrant would be traveling directly from Copenhagen to the United States or indirectly via another European harbor for destinations overseas. As an extra measure of control, all the information from each ticket was copied down in ledgers, and thus became the Copenhagen Police Records of Emigrants.
but that archive LAK was closed on MONDAYS

I see that the old horns on the tower of the Telephone House have all been replaced by dishes

Inside the main hall of Copenhagen Town Hall
and it is dressed for an exhibition

note the bright red of the Dannebrog split flags

and into the archives
wise owls

open Monday to Friday
and Saturday mornings in the winter

Københavns Stadsarkiv,
Københavns Rådhus,
København V

through this door I found the fiche I needed and much more

enæringsbrev kartoteket

begravelses protocol

afterwards this dazzling staircasde with brightly polished brass ballisters (ballusters balusters bannisters) bewitched my eyes.

above the front door

and out into a cold late afternoon in København Rådhusplads

"Archives of Danish Occupation History 1940-1945"
(Historisk Samling fra Besættelsestiden 1940-1945) is an institution which keeps archives from the time of the German occupation of Denmark and from the time immediate before and after this period. The institution is located at the university campus 3 kilometres from the centre of Esbjerg
or on the moon from my point of view

Niels Bohrs Vej 9