Tuesday, September 12, 2006

garden bench

the last two of nine cans of beer, which I found in Helsingborg in the park on my trip to Sweden

this design is copyright but ok for private use
I am going to keep the bench indoors until it is painted

the New York taxi mug was a present from a client for whom I arranged a genealogy tour of Denmark

this is the last blog here until I get sorted back in England
so better check my videophone blog for my latest news http://upsrev622.blogspot.com/
which worked from Sweden so I will see what happens at BHX
if this blog seems dead

junk in my bathroom

stage one
cutting and assembling
and at last I can get a shower


first design
final design which got modified anyway

books and bars in Copenhagen

the law students are back in town

Atheneum bookshop

I ate two red and one curry medister sausages to line my stomach

handy hooks for shopping bags

publisher to the left and bar to the right
in the street Clariboderne named for the St Claire Nuns

Bo-Bi is the dog
Bobi bar was closed - it used to be open 11 00 am to 01 00 am
I play chess and read the papers here - my local of old

display window owned by the bar - BITCH FASHION

PALÆ bar was open - named for the old telephone exchange famed for jazz

I had two large beers and went home to sleep
painting by the late LOTHAR

great atmosphere

Monday, September 11, 2006

circus in the morning

just the right light in Brumleby

a lovely day in Copenhagen

out to Øster Alle


by the post office steps in Triangelen

menage with shetland ponies
and the smell of stables


dogs and kids

sculptor with elephant

more kids

a whole kindergarten in fact

looking at the back ends of some hungry camels

this one came by for a short stroll
I felt that I was being inspected

Mercedes replaces the showman's steam engines of old

and a fire engine

no Dumbo here

one row of older vans

window cleaning at the box office

Sunday, September 10, 2006

junk, plums and an old sleeping bag

my neighbour admired this 25 year old pattern when I washed and hung this old sleeping bag out to dry

soft plums get eaten first and are sweetest

fmore than enough for the next three days

in my double shed to the right

and to the left -- I remember that 12 years ago 5 families shared each of these outside toilets from 1890

the wood I need has been there 10 years and is at the back

the two beech wood rollers with cast iron cogs are from a dis-assembled cast iron framed mangle which was also used by an artist for print making from linocuts, wood cuts and etchinmgs

out on the pavement

and packed in again in Brumleby, Copenhagen

The old lumber in my bathroom is ready to be cut down, and I am going to use the broken iron framed chairs as the basis of a new garden seat


I enjoyed this so much that as well as posting on SNAPS 3
I exceptionally post this snapshot here too

big sunflowers are better than the short stemmed commercial varities

Dahlias remind me of my maternal grandfather Alfed Thomas LAPHAM, who used to grow them at Grey West, Marsh Common, Pilning, Gloucestersgire
and sell them to passing motorists from a bucket by his garden gate

I can imagine a face

pavement gardening

what can be done with plant containers

modem as rubbish now Brumleby has broadband

an antiquated electrical distribution system in Hvidovre

War Memorial in Hvidovre

a test of the phone camers for photographing memorial inscriptions but a grey day maybe helped

young guests now we are six

the child's own garden from which I am eationg fresh carrots

plums were falling off the tree so I am gorging myself on them

two girls crteated this but her mother was very cross

If things go according to plan I will be back in UK by Wednesday afternoon

check my videophone blog for the latest news http://upsrev622.blogspot.com/
if this blog seems dead

I have to spell the text letter by letter because I am not an SMS user so SNAPS 3 is terse
I usually limit myself to one picture each day and the blog is set to show 3 posts so it is adapted to a mobile phone's browser

I have changed my ISP again and it may take a couple of days to get the new connection working
all my email has a web mail facility so I can use any old computer at a libray or web cafe to answer my correspondents