Sunday, April 29, 2007

worth a look

Flickr: Photos from Admit One

a camera assistant in film and television in

Toronto, Canada


Friday, April 27, 2007

by train from Østerport to Holbæk - a photoset on Flickr

by train from Østerport to Holbæk - 40 photos on Flickr


Thursday, April 26, 2007

on a danish train

from Holbæk home to Copenhagen - 43 photos on Flickr


Genealogy Photos Service

Genealogy Photos Service: "This is a simple website to help amateur genealogists get in contact with amateur photographers in a certain area who have volunteered to take specific photographs of buildings, landmarks etc. As we are all volunteers, we do our best to get good quality pictures of what is wanted in a reasonable time, and please remember this when seeking help."

Friday, April 20, 2007

cloudscape Chelmsley Wood

from now on I am using flikr as my image server, and will be writing a book or two this summer, and will be developing other web sites


Monday, April 16, 2007

without words?

what I like about snapshots and blogging is that they are, like instant coffee,
spontaneous and ready in a minute or two
- which is why my videophone images keep their numbers and don't get renamed, which would be better for google or webmaster work - I use new daily dated and named folders on my own machine - these are in 20070415-breakfast-cactus currently on my desktop but later to be moved into a folder 2007-snaps which will be finally moved and backed up on some external had disks

I wanted to post this without words but I don't think that would work for this piece unless you knew me and my world really well

the roar of a diesel compressing rubbish go me to look out of my window to see what was going on - a BLURRED loud voice said "This vehicle is going backwards . . . . . ." instead of beeping as they did

still a bit misty
Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast : Weather Underground: "Humidity: 88%
Dew Point: 52 °F / 11 °C
Wind: 6 mph / 9 km/h / 2.6 m/s from the NNW
Pressure: 30.30 in / 1026 hPa
Visibility: -
UV: 2 out of 16
Clouds: Few 3500 ft / 1066 m
(Above Ground Level)"

this snap tells a lot aboit me if you can read it layer by layer

the back thingy is a cardboard post tube with a couple of thin ikea cushions rolled over it and tied with sisal. Made in by me Copenhagen about 10 years ago it helps my back remain pain free by contolling my posture in the smallof my back when working 12 hour days as a taxi driver, on a plane or train - or blogging.
by layer under
the corner of a freebie A4 calender diary I write my bookings in
iWR Information World Review for March 2007 was sent to me because I am going to NEC Library and information show
A4 200 Pages 5 Subject Note Book from Poundland
the entry you can see:-

1818 4 MAR
Bradley's Building aged 28

the three ticks √ √ √ overwritten mean that the data from Bath St James parish register Burials (written into my big note book when I visited the Bath archives in September 2006) has been entered into my personal Family Tree Maker 16 family file

she is in fact née Phillips or Philips oops
and now has her own web page
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM updated 2007:
and was married: 11 SEP 1817 in Bath St James, Somerset, England"
not a relative but the first wife of my second great grandfather - I like great great grandfather better

at the top from left
my DSL router frm Talk Talk SmarAX MT882 from China
a five way network 10mb hub HUB5PL from Corega in Taiwan (off but useful for visitors laptops and my old VAIO in the next room)
the base of a 12 volt 20 watt A9044 from IKEA Sweden - certified by ETL SEMKO
IKEA | home | Lighting | Table lamps & work lamps | Work lamps | ESPRESSIVO Work lamp

audio line in to my MacBook Pro designed in California made in China

and back on a stricter diet for week three
less carbohydrate - no oats now
the skimmed milk in the jug has the same protein value as an egg- but no fat
I let the tea stew to get more ante-cancer stuff out of it and into me
week one I lost 4 kg but week two zero

my set up with the MacBook Pro which is getting my mail

I use a danish keyboard layout because it is much easier for double strike diacriticals like née I needed above and the Ææ Øø Åå which are 27 th., 28th and 29th letters of the danish alphabet
@ is a problem in windows because the Apple Keyboard has no alt gro key so I just copy paste from te Mac OS

I finally broke up the big box my from Pentwyn Cardiff in which my Quintrix F digital Panasonic TX-28DT4 28" television came in and recycled it into a second sun screen
thesun finally began to shine at 10.28 am and I need to use the sun screen until about 11:45 am

Panasonic TX-28DT4 Widescreen Television - technical specification review: "The Panasonic TX-28DT4 is a Widescreen Television with a 28'' screen which operates at a frequency of 100 Hertz . The TX-28DT4 supports Nicam Digital Stereo sound and has N/A speakers which produce a combined ouput of 14 Watts."

twenty degrees when I came into the balcony (not onto the balcony because it is enclosed - english grammar tricks) and so I have turned off my central heating (one storage heater) note the twelve empty pots from my LIDL cactus

and here are the first buds on one of my cactuses - cactus flower

I celebrated by watering them all - a once a month event - I simulated a desert rain storm by submerging each cactus and pot in my watering can for a couple of seconds - one of the tall cactii has long since heeled over and died of root rot - it just got smaller and smaller
Bosworth Drive down below

beneath my Merton House window - not too much rubbish but long lasting - like weeks - and the dog poo created bare patches are too small to show on the google maps
but the path and bushes do:-
click hybrid and zoom in on b37 5bx - Google Maps the shadows show it is at about 3:00 pm the old medical centre is there still no cars parked at the school suggests a holiday
but the shops are open and BHX airport is very busy - Google Maps

the sun appeared red through and above the clouds but is "burned out" in the image

I am an indoor naturist so I use a pillow to sit on and I remembered to change the cover today - this one came out of my late mother's linen chest

in writing this blog I needed an URL fo my family tree hughw36 - checking out myself by Google Search

Sunday, April 15, 2007

wobbly and misty

having been on line all night
another weather sight at dawn over Chelmsley Wood

and see SNAPS 2 for the handycam snaps

Friday, April 06, 2007

Picasa Web Albums

my own albums - hughw36 are a sort of spill over from the blogs

time to stop

I ws just about to shut down my MacBook Pro when I looked out of my window to the right at Bosworth Drive and Chelmsley Wood

my hand was a bit shaky for the second picture with my Sony Ericksson K800i

so I made this smaller to seem sharper

seen from the seventh floor of Merton House before dawn