Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Polaroid branding

Google Search: Polaroid 5.2 MegaPixel Digital Camera
I was surprised to see this on offer in UK
but of course digital photography is going to kill the expensive Polaroid for most amateur use
see Polaroid.com

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nimbus Motorcycles Frederiksberg

Nimbus Motorcycles were built by Fisker & Nielsen of Denmark. eindex.html: "The Nimbus motorcycle was built by Fisker & Nielsen in Copenhagen between 1934 and 1960. F&N was mostly known for their excellent vacuum cleaener, Nilfisk, but they also built motorcycles. The telescopic front fork was invented by F&N and the Nimbus Model C was the first bike in history that was equipped with one.
There are different oppinions about this though and the glory could actually be BMW's. The latter at least introduced the oil damped telescopic front fork for sure though.

Regardless, today the telescopic fork is the rule of all motorcycles. A total of 12.000 machines were built and 4.000 of these are still on their wheels all over the world. Most of them are, of course, in Denmark though where many clubs and smaller firms are keeping the machines alive.
Nimbus (latin for the Gleam of Beams or Halo) was used by everybody and you can encounter a wide range of special purpose machines (like the Animal Ambulance or the Anti Tank motorcycle with a 20mm automatic cannon mounted on a sidecar frame). Nimbus - The Motorcycle of Denmark, is loved by its owners and soon received the affectionate nickname 'The Bumblebee' for its cosy but rather discrete rumbling and humming engine sound. "

pictures of the NIMBUS factory


It looks like Nimbus model C 1934-1959 nimbuster


seen outside the tax office in Musvågvej Copenhagen

made by
A/S Fisker & Nielsen

The man behind the machine was Peder Andersen Fisker. He founded the factory "P.A.Fisker, Electric Factory" around 1905. The main products were electromotors in sizes from 1/32HP to 3HP. After a few month, the shop foreman, H.M.Nielsen, went into partnership with the manufacturer,

Evidently based on the Belgian FN motor-cycle, 4-cylinder motor in 1903 and shaft drive.

The ivory yellow colour was usual between 1939 and 1945

only the saddle looks a little worn


my wheels are the shopping trolley on the right.

The taxman has been making errors since they got their new system in February 2005.

I have made two visits and still it is not right. One system pays out to her mother for our child's support and the other pays the allowance to which I am entitled to as a pensioner.

Because system two is out of synchronisation with system one they have sent me two unnecessary letters - so far.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Le Tour Cycling

Cycling Weekly News: "TOUR ON TV AND RADIO
Former King of the Mountains specialist Richard Virenque will join the Eurosport reporting team for this year's Tour de France coverage. With David Harmon and Sean Kelly providing live commentary from every stage, they will also be supported by David Duffield, James Richardson and of course, reporter Christi Anderson, who will be out on the road getting the lowdown from the riders.
As well as live coverage every day (except rest days) Eurosport will be showing highlights of every stage each evening and some mornings and in a new twist, are inviting all viewers to call or email in with their queries and opinions."

which is why my blogging has been a bit uncoordinated

Eurosport - Cycling - Live and Results. Men and Women. - Tour De France - Live and Results. Men and Women.

and technical problems with their web radio 35 seconds delay OH !

Friday, July 08, 2005

Peace - Brumleby Copenhagen

time to grow tomatoes

after the news of the London bomb

this flag appeared

this cat is called Felix

and this is his "father"

who took the rainbow picture below

Fest i Brumleby

Sunday, July 03, 2005

lily brumleby

Saturday, July 02, 2005

trying to repair my daughter's 'puter

I was sitting in her room and waiting for Win XP to clean itself up

I am in trouble with the Motorola A925
the design of the shutter button makes it very hard to hold still,
hence all these blurred snaps

from the bottom right corner above

my mother, Alison Mary LAPHAM, had this portrait made as an engagement present for my father in about 1930. The pepper's ghost is my silver hair.

still waiting

and waiting . . .

I found this beautiful leather covered chair , which was designed by Arne Jacobsen, in a skip.

old staircase circa 1890

the profile of the turned bannisters is surely very danish

Viborggade Østerbro

big shadow

Acacia trees shade this corner

block R gable

the big gate is for the lorry
to collect stuff we recycle

looking towards Rolighed where HCA loved to visit
7-11 on the corner of Nøjsomhedshedsvej

cinema to the left

and Netto to the right

the building is from 1926
part of our sports center

my great big shadow on some neat paving at the entrance to the churchyard

"och wee Hughie, may your shadow never grow less" a scottish friend used to say.

photo from the bench under the chestnut tree.

the church was built 1876 - 1878 in english neo-gothic style.

There used to be some fine yew trees but they have recently been destroyed by the church gardener.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Rolighed and Hans Christian Andersen 1805-1875

This is the line in the church book recording the death in Rolighed 4 of Hans Christian Andersen, and of his burial in the Collins family grave.

This corner Boligblok (sektion R) second phase of building BRUMLEBY - Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger: "Boligblok (sektion R) " from 1866 to 1872 by Vilhelm KLEIN could have been seen by HCA, if he went out for a stroll on the common - today Fælledparken

The electric light is modern in an old style.

those twin towers on the corners of Gustav Adolfs Vej were glimpsed in a previous blog

this side of the street was built after HCA's death

opposite the church is St Jakobs Plads

and another decorative spire,
newly replaced, and nit yet green, but still brown with slightly oxidised copper

this page is from Arkivalieronline with
thanks to Rigsarkivet

Where did Hans Christian Andersen live in Copenhagen?

9 September 1866
The Melchior family lodged him at their country house in Østerbro, Rolighed (near the lime kiln) close to Gammel Kalkbrænderivej 60 2100 København Ø
and he died there where Nordhavn station is today

but Skt. Jakobs Kirke was not in use to 1878
so he was buried from Vor Frue kirke

cats and roses

a reader asked about sharper photos of roses

the bright sun was too much for the little camera

the sun is behind the house

this cat is BIANCA

her sister JAGGER is dead
We thought she was a boy!
1994 - 2005

a neighbour's red roses

3 zappers 2 phones 1 mouse 1 keyboard

snaps taken with the A925
cheapest keyboard hp
(chinese made and
no windows key)

surround sound set up screen

the Sony T610 phone with its serial cable is slower to upload
than the A925 with usb

but it has a more reliable connection
and a much simpler file structure

experimenting with a 30 watt lamp

snapped with the T610

great industrial design

the complicated side

and the simple side
the cover is on the edge of the laptop

one tv with two zappers

and 4 interfaces

(yes with old fashioned buttons on the set too)

thanks to SONY

my all time favourite zapper by SONY
beautifully curved to my hand

my Sony tv arranged above the line of sight of the Sony laptop

my window on the big world

and Le Tour de France next.

touch screen on the Motorola A925
and its chair to the upper left

zapper to the surround sound
not Sony

that blue screen is the surround sound set up

and half hidden the five button wheel mouse by Microsoft